outstanding Advantages of ductile iron
SL. Points ’Ductile Iron’ (DI) ’Cast Iron’ (CI)
1 a)Popular Name
b) Microstructure
’Spheroidal Graphite’(SG) or ’Nodular Iron’.
’Grey Cast iron’(FG)
2 Fractured Surface ’Ductile Iron’ presents a bright steely surface when fractured. ’Cast Iron’ always present a gray sooty surface when fractured.
3 Chemical Composition
1) Carbon (C)
2) Silicon (Si)
3) Manganese (Mn)
4) Sulphur (S)
5) Phosphorous (P)
6) Magnesium (Mg)
Chemical Composition
0.02 Max.
Chemical Composition
4 Specifications
1) Product
2) Raw Material
1) EN- 124
2) IS- 1865/1991
1) IS - 1726/1991
2) IS - 210/1993
5 Material Grade SG- 500/7 FG- 150
6 Tensile Strength 500N/mm2 150 N/mm2
7 Hardness 160-240 HBS 130-180HBS
8 Elongation(%) 7% min. due to elongation, material is ductile, hence does not give sudden fracture. No elongation, hence material is brittle, can give sudden fracture.
9 Impact Resistance ’High’ sudden impact resistance.
’Low’ sudden impact resistance.
10 Section Thickness Lesser section thickness, hence lesser weight. More section thickness, hence more weight.
11 Load Bearing Capacity More load bearing capacity in test condition, impact load & movable load.
Light duty- 1.5 MT load
Medium duty- 12.5 MT load
Heavy duty- 25MT, 40MT, 60MT, 90MT load
Comparatively less load bearing capacity, although weight & section thickness is more.
Light duty - 2.5 MT load
Medium duty - 10 MT load
Heavy duty - 20MTs
12 Handling Due to lesser weight, easy in handling during transportation, installation & maintenance during service conditions. Due to more weight, comparatively difficult to handle during transportation, installation & maintenance during service conditions.
13 Locking Arrangements One end of the Cover is hinged with frame, hence no extra cost is incurred. Galvanised chain along with hook can be provided to Cover & Frame, hence incurs extra cost.
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