Manholes Square Cover With Frame

We manufacture strong and highly durable Manholes of Square Cover with Frame of customized sizes as per standards EN-124. With guaranteed load bearing capacity between 1.5 MT (A-15) to 90 MT (F-900), our manholes are available in both hinged and non-hinged system. All products are available in single seal and double seal system. Special types of locking system are available on customer’s request.

Item Code Size (mm) Grade Frame Dimensions (mm)
Claar Opening Frame Outer Height
MCS-004(C) 100x100 D-400 100x100 200x200 95
MCS-004(A) 150x150 D-400 150x150 230x230 100
MCS-004(K) 190x190 D-400 190x190 300x300 235
MCS-027(H) 300x300 A-15 300x300 370x370 20
MCS-027(G) 300x300 B-125 300x300 380x380 27
MCS-004(B) 300x300 D-400 300x300 410x410 100
MCS-007(XL) 400x400 D-400 400x400 520x520 100
MCS-027(I) 450x450 A-15 450x450 545x545 40
MCS-007(G) 450x450 D-400 450x450 600x600 75
MCS-007(T) 560X560 D-400 560x560 700x700 100
MCS-025(C) 600x600 C-250 600x600 750x750 75
MCS-007(II) 600x600 D-400 600x600 720x720 75
MCS-007(N) 600x600 B-125 600x600 750x750 45
MCS-025(B) 750x750 B-125 750x750 850x850 75
MCS-025(F) 750x750 C-250 750x750 850x850 75
MCS-007(F) 750x750 D-400 750x750 950x950 100
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